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I have had hair extensions a few different times and I must say, this last time I got them was my best experience yet. First of all, the Fusion technique Lori uses is definitely the way to go! The very first time I had hair extensions I got the Sew-In and it itched pretty badly. I absolutely recommend the Fusion over the Sew-In.

I have had other brands of hair put in and I think Great Lengths offers the best quality of hair. When Lori did my hair extensions I had minimal shedding and think I only lost 5 pieces total during the 4-5 months I had them in. With other hair, I had lost 5 times that much and needed them touched up due to shedding and thinning of the hair. To help avoid this, Lori stressed that it was important to wait 48 hours before washing my hair or getting it wet/ sweaty. A hair extension brush also helps prevent pulling the hair out. After the first 48 hours though, I was able to wash, blow dry, and style the hair as I pleased without any negative effects. For those of you who like to get your sweat on, do not be discouraged! I also enjoy a good workout from time to time and sweating did not seem to bother them. Like I said before, as long as you let them set for those first couple days, you should be fine.

Lori did an awesome job blending the hair and making it look completely natural and real. She is, without a doubt, the best around, hands down! I barely had any hair when I went to her and she gave me a total hair transformation. It took about 5 hours but, in those 5 hours, I bet I gained a good 3 years worth of hair growth; definitely worth the time spent. To help it blend with my hair better, Lori alternated between 3 different colors of hair.

When I returned to work I immediately got compliments on how great my hair looked. A few of our patients asked how my hair grew so fast; they couldn't tell it was hair extensions! What's even more, some patients almost did not recognize me!
Because of how my hair was cut, having the hair extensions helped me get through the awkward phase of growing my hair out and helped me feel better about myself. So if you're looking to get through that awkward phase more gracefully (like I was), Lori can help you achieve the hair length you want without the painful waiting process. Or, if your hair already has some length but it's not as thick as you would like, hair extensions are a great solution for that as well. Whatever your goals are, Lori can give you the look you desire!

-Shelby B.
Patient Engagement Representative

My name is Diana and I have hair extensions, Lori Bradshaw introduced me to the hair extensions a little over a year ago, I am 46 years old with very fine hair that grows very slow and with the hair extensions I have felt great about myself and I get compliments on them a lot. Lori is amazing, she takes time to explain how to care for the extensions and she does a great job putting them in. I would not ever trust anyone but Lori to do my hair extensions.

-Diana E.

My hair has always been fine and lacked fullness. Great Lengths gave me length and most of all fullness and body. Very easy to maintain. Lori has been doing my extensions for years and I absolutely couldn't be more satisfied. 

-Tina G.

Lori has been doing my extensions for about a year and a half and she is the only one in the Louisville area that I trust to do them. I came to Lori after a bad Great Lengths application in Louisville, so trust me when I say, "not all Great Lengths artists are alike!"

My hair is long, but it's very thin and fine, so my primary reason to use extensions was to obtain fullness. On average, I keep my GL extensions in for about four months before removing them and re-applying. My hair grows an average of an inch a month; otherwise I would keep them in longer! The best things about these extensions, and the proper application done by Lori, are: I neither had an extension fall out nor was my natural hair damaged by the extensions. Best of all, no one knew I had extensions in unless I told them!

I love entering Strandz Salon because of it's relaxed environment. With every visit, the whole staff has been friendly and professional. Please stop in and see Lori if you want the best extensions around. She will educate you on proper care of your new hair and you will leave looking and FEELING amazing! Her prices for Great Lengths extensions are better than her competitors as well as her application techniques!

-Carrie C.