Turn dull, lifeless hair into something brighter, shinier, and more stylish, while turning heads at the same time.  Add a few highlights to brighten your look, or a lot to really stand out!  Highlights are a small way to make a big change.  Add some lowlights to over lightened hair to give more depth and dimension.  Just another avenue of a small change for a great look. 

Hair Coloring Services

Change your color, cover grey, or just try a new color?  Have that beautiful color you’ve been wanting.  Coloring your hair can change your whole look, and give you more confidence.  Put yourself ahead of the crowd by updating your hair color.  Come in and see the wide range of colors available for you!

Cut & Style

The beginning to any fabulous look, is a gorgeous haircut.  Choose a cut that is right for you.  The right cut is the base for a successful color or highlight or perm.  Or, with naturally beautiful hair, the right cut can just make a more beautiful you!  Call me today for a more beautiful you!


Perms don’t have to be that old curly look from your childhood days.  Perms can add volume and texture to fine, limp hair, giving you more styling options.  You can also have those softer waves, or curlier locks, whatever you desire.  Perm options are limitless with today’s gentler, more chemical conscience products.  If you’re needing that extra lift, give one a try!


Through experience and vision, Great Lengths & Styles delivers striking results.

My dedication to mastering the craft, paired with

a unique vision and sensibility, shape all that I do.

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Hair Extensions

I am licensed and certified in the application of Great Lengths hair extensions, the highest quality, longest lasting, most natural looking and wearing hair extensions on the market.

I have 12 years’ experience in hair extensions, and am confident in what I do.  Great Lengths hair extensions last 4-6 months.  They are 100% premium quality human hair, for the most natural looking, undetectable hair extensions you can get.  Great Lengths are non-damaging, with impeccable performance, worn straight or curled, while allowing your natural hair to grow out while you wear them.  With Great Lengths, you can:

  1. Change your overall style 

  2. Add thickness, or replace thinner areas 

  3. Add length 

  4. Add temporary lowlights/highlights or “peekaboo” pieces

  5. Even out a bad haircut.  The possibilities are endless. 

Call for your FREE consultation today (812) 989-0336.

Hair Replacement

For men and women.  I offer the finest human hair pieces in a private room.  For those who have lost much or most of their hair on the top of their head, or badly receding hairline or that “horseshoe” shape baldness.  You now have a long term option hair piece that may be worn all the time, that stays on well, that looks completely natural, just like it grew on your own head!  No more trying to hide your head, or wearing ball caps, you can now enjoy the wash and wear hair you’ve always wanted.  Just come in and have your unit attached every 4 weeks, and be confident in your youth again!